10 tips for learning a new language.

Hey Bloggers, I haven’t uploaded in a while now but here is a list of tips for learning a new language that I have come up with within my first 3 months.

  1. When listening to an audio lesson, answer the questions in the pauses.
  2. After a few times don’t look at the answers anymore.
  3. Make sure that you imitate the pronunciation of the speaker.
  4. When participating in an online course or an audio lesson, repeat the lesson until you can answer the questions easily.
  6. Learn new words every day, when learning a new language, you don’t stop learning. Stay motivated.
  7. Keep practicing in your head, and start conversations as this will also help your speaking skills.
  8. The first 100 words of any language account for 50% of all spoken communication. The most common 1000 words account for 80% of all spoken communication. The most common 3000 words account for 99% of communication. (This is just a reminder to keep learning new words).
  9. When you learn a new word, try to use it at least 3 times that day to make it stick.
  10. Set goals, although don’t be too hard on yourself and remember it is okay to make mistakes and take your time.


This is just a short blog, but I will be back soon with an update from my Frulings Ferien.


With love,


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